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By car: From the E4 or E20 (E18), follow the signs to "Centrum", and that will take you onto Sveavägen.

Drive 400 meters past the Hard Rock Café on the corner of Odengatan and Sveavägen, and you will see the Hostel on your left, opposite the park called Observatorielunden.

There is no entry to Rehnsgatan from Sveavägen, so you will have to drive a further three blocks, and then turn left into the street called Tegnérgatan, and then take the next left into Luntmakargatan. Drive for 3 more blocks, and then turn left again into Rehnsgatan - the Hostel is 50 meters away at the end of the street.

From the central Station by subway: From Central Station you can take the subway (Tunnelbanan) from T-centralen to the Hostel.

Take the green line north (remember to enter the train in the front) for two stops to the station called Rådmansgatan. Follow exitsign marked "Handelshögskolan" and then take the stairs up on the right to "Sveavägen". When you come to the top, you will be on "Sveavägen", and "Rehnsgatan"will be direcly to your left - you will see the Hostel stright across from you on the other side of Rehnsgatan.

By plane: From Arlanda, you can choose to take the flight bus or the Express train. The train is more expensive than the bus, but makes the journey in about half the time (20 minutes instead of 40 minutes.)

Bus goes to the City Terminal (Stockholm) and the express train goes to the Central Station (Stockholm).

From other airports

From Skavsta-, Västerås and Bromma airports, you can also take a flight bus to the City Terminal (Stockholm).

Hostel Bed and Breakfast, Rehnsgatan 21, Stockholm, phone 08-15 28 38.


Rehnsgatan 21
11357 Stockholm

Phone: 08-15 28 38

Hostel Bed and breakfast
Rehnsgatan 21
11357 Stockholm