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Important information!

​The reception is open between 9 AM (09.00) to 8 PM (20.00).

If you check in after 8 PM (20.00), when the reception is closed, you need to know the code for the entrancedoor into the Hostel. Under the receptiondesk you will find an envelope with information about your stay.

Door code: When you have made a reservation we will give you the code for the entrance door. The doorcode = your 24 hours access to our Hostel.

Check in time: Please inform us about your check-in time so we can prepare your arrival.

Check-out time 10.30 AM (10.30).

​If you arrive to our Hostel between 9 AM-1 PM (09.00-13.00), you can leave your luggage here, and return later to get your room.

You can also leave your luggage in the Hostel after your check-out from your room, and pick it up later the same day.

You can bring your own bed sheets, or rent a set of sheets from us, sheets for the cover and mattress and a pillowcase.

You can not use sleepingbags.

We are a non-smoking Hostel.


Rehnsgatan 21
11357 Stockholm

Phone: 08-15 28 38

Hostel Bed and breakfast
Rehnsgatan 21
11357 Stockholm